Sheltering in COVID-19 Affected Areas   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "This document provides an overview of necessary changes to normal shelter operations in order to provide a safe and effective shelter where there is COVID-19 [coronavirus disease]. Additional job tools and tactical guidance to support this document may be released subsequently Opening and operating shelters in a COVID-19 environment requires an adjustment to standard procedures in order to support the safety of clients and workers. [1] Shelters will continue to provide a safe space for clients impacted by a disaster or other event. [2] Adjustments should always follow Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance and best practices to protect clients and workers from contracting and spreading COVID-19. In all sheltering environments, whether providing sheltering in hotels or congregate facilities, it is important to maintain contact with public health and emergency management before, during, and after shelter operations."

National Mass Care Strategy
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