How to Restart National Economies During the Coronavirus Crisis   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "Around the world, life as we know it has changed drastically. Global leaders and millions of citizens are facing the challenge of a lifetime. The COVID-19 [coronavirus disease] pandemic is threatening not only healthcare systems, but also the livelihoods of citizens and the stability of economies. As our colleagues wrote in 'Safeguarding our lives and our livelihoods,' the shock to our lives 'and' livelihoods from the virus-suppression efforts could be the biggest of the past 100 years. If we do not stop the virus, many people will die. If attempts to stop the pandemic cause severe damage to social and economic networks, people will experience large-scale suffering in the medium and long term. The world must act on both of these fronts-- suppressing the virus and mitigating the negative impact on citizens' livelihoods--at the same time. The progress we make on those fronts will determine the shape of the economic recovery."

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