Corona Pandemic and the Palestinian Arena: Significance for Israel   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "The Palestinian arena was already in a weakened state and at a political, economic, and national crossroads in both the West Bank, under the Palestinian Authority, and the Gaza Strip, under Hamas rule, when the corona pandemic hit. The situation in the West Bank is better than in Gaza, which in part reflects a significant gap in the capabilities of the respective leaderships to confront the crisis. While the Palestinian Authority is striving to prove its ability to deal with the crisis, there is serious concern in the Gaza Strip that the potential spread of the virus, with the area's inadequate healthcare system and generally poor civilian infrastructure, will exacerbate the existing humanitarian plight and even endanger Hamas's hold on power, including its ability to rein in elements that seek a confrontation with Israel. For its part, Israel provides medical and other assistance to both areas. In tandem, it must prepare for a decline in the security situation in both areas, particularly in the Gaza Strip, yet also prepare for continued coordination and cooperation with both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas once the crisis is over, based on insights gleaned from the interactions with them during the crisis."

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INSS Insight No. 1295; Institute for National Security Studies Insight No. 1295
Institute for National Security Studies
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