Loudoun Health District (Loudoun County Health Department) Pandemic Response Plan   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "The Loudoun County Pandemic Response Plan encompasses a detailed summary of Loudoun County's public health response and references the County's plans for the continuation of critical government services during a pandemic. It describes a coordinated local strategy to prepare for and respond to a pandemic, including assuring vaccination of all school age, college age and other residents, regardless of school status or location, and serves as Incident Annex to Loudoun County's Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and as an appendix to the LHD [Loudoun Health District] All-Hazards EOP. The Loudoun County Pandemic Response Plan is intended to be a synthesized guide for responding agencies, an overview to provide information to the public on the County's preparedness and a tool to assist the public in their own planning and preparedness. Available information regarding best practices for preparedness in a pandemic changes as more becomes known and thus the content reflects information as of the revision date. As such, it is critical to recognize that this is a dynamic document which will be updated as appropriate to reflect current information, guidelines and best practices regarding pandemic preparedness and response."

Loudoun County, Virginia
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