COVID-19: Alternative Methods for Delivering Essential Law Enforcement Services   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "In light of the public health risk that Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) presents and the pressing need for law enforcement agencies to be engaged on both the public health and public safety fronts, agencies should carefully consider whether discretionary interactions with the public can be minimized and arrests limited to offenses that are immediate public safety risks. Agencies should also consider revised practices for mandatory interactions in the field such as those for detention, transport, and booking. Regardless of policy or protocol changes during the COVID-19 pandemic, law enforcement agencies will continue to uphold the rule of law to maintain public safety, prevent victimization, and support vulnerable communities. [...] The following document outlines considerations for law enforcement agencies on triaging calls for service and limiting the spread of the virus. Each agency should determine what incidents are critical for enforcement and those incidents for which enforcement can be suspended. If agencies suspend or modify enforcement during this time, they should provide all changes in protocol to sworn staff, nonsworn staff, justice system stakeholders, and community partners and have clear messaging to the community that serious and violent offenses will still be fully enforced."

International Association of Chiefs of Police
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