Pandemics and Beyond: The Potential for U.S.-Mexico Cooperation in Public Health   [open pdf - 1006KB]

From the Document: "The outbreak and global spread of the COVID-19 [coronavirus disease] coronavirus is having a profound impact on health systems and on decision-makers across the world. In North America, the response has been varied, with problems in testing for the virus in both the United States and Mexico, and an outlook that, at the time of writing, suggests that hospitals and medical professionals will be overwhelmed by the peak of the outbreak. While the short-term future for all three countries looks highly complicated, the prospects for Mexico seem particularly perilous. The last of the North American neighbors to be hit by the pandemic, Mexico faces an extra challenge due to limited resource availability. Slowly the government appears to be waking up to the severity of the crisis, but there are widespread fears that the health system will be totally overwhelmed by the approaching crisis, with medicine in short supply and budgetary cuts hitting health care delivery even before the outbreak. As the pandemic progresses, it has been observed that different countries are hitting peak contagion at different times. This raises a problem in the context of an integrated North American economy. For, once the United States has brought the pandemic under control in its own territory, Mexico may still be awaiting peak infection rates. In this circumstance, cross-border assistance is going to become vital."

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