Incident Planning Guide: All Hazards   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Purpose: "The purpose of this Incident Planning Guide (IPG) is to identify issues that should be considered when planning for emergencies and unforeseen situations that may impact your nursing home. This IPG identifies planning considerations to assist the nursing home in 4 important areas: [1] Mitigation; [2] Preparedness; [3] Immediate and Intermediate Response; [and 4] Extended Response and System Recovery. This is an 'all hazards' IPG and the issues presented will apply to many different types of emergencies. It is not uncommon for one emergency to lead to another, e.g., a fire may trigger evacuation procedures, or an extended utility failure may warrant a response to cold or heat exposure. Nursing homes are encouraged to customize this IPG to meet their specific requirements which should take into account the vulnerabilities and risks identified in your nursing home's Hazard Vulnerability Analysis (HVA). It is also advised to consult with local emergency management officials to understand the hazards specific to the community."

California Association of Health Facilities, Nursing Home Incident Command System
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