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From the Document: "The current pandemic with SARS CoV-2 [severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2] represents the realization of imagined scenarios with serious consequences. The current viral interstitial pneumonia has resulted in severe hypoxemic respiratory failure, overcrowded ICUs [intensive care units], equipment and personnel shortages, and significant mortality. Projections for patient volumes are expected to overrun critical care capabilities, with shortages of PPE [personal protective equipment], staff, and ventilators dominating discussions in local hospitals and the news media. We provide a synthesis of the current experience coming from China, Italy and the US (Seattle & New York) and some common sense approaches from past lessons learned. These discussions are prompted by the frequent questions we receive by email and phone. Whenever possible, the statements here are supported by the most recent findings. At the time of this writing, the statement from the Society of Critical Care Medicine (SCCM) has been published addressing many issues related to treatment of ventilated patients."

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