British Columbia's Pandemic Influenza Response Plan (2012): Planning Assumptions   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Purpose: "These planning assumptions reflect a hypothetical moderate influenza pandemic and are meant to provide guidance for planning [purposes]. In the event of a pandemic, dynamic modeling of the real time experience in other jurisdictions will be used to modify plans and preparations. The modeling will provide guidance that will supersede the planning assumptions that are described here. As national pandemic planning assumptions are still being developed at this time, BC planning assumptions have been developed so that British Columbia is able to update its pandemic operational plans used during the H1N1 [Hemagglutinin Type 1 and Neuraminidase Type 1] pandemic of 2009-10. These assumptions can provide a common basis for planning across all public and private sector organizations. Working to this common set of assumptions will reduce confusion and facilitate baseline planning across the BC [British Columbia] Health."

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