Hospital Readiness for COVID-19: Analysis of Bed Capacity and How it Varies Across the Country   [open pdf - 789KB]

From the Introduction: "As COVID-19 spreads across the United States, concerns mount that the need for hospital beds will overwhelm national capacity, putting severe strains on the health care system and limiting access to necessary care. [...] In this analysis, we use American Hospital Association (AHA) survey data to highlight hospital bed capacity and occupancy rates by state. We also provide county-level estimates in an online tool, which provides more localized estimates of capacity than previously published HRR [hospital referral regions]-level estimates. The data we present are the upper bounds of hospitals' current capacity independent of the spread of COVID-19, or the total number of beds set up and staffed at nonfederal, general, and surgical community hospitals whose services are available to the public. Though treatment of serious cases of the virus will require intensive care unit beds with ventilators, estimating their availability is beyond the scope of this analysis. As hospitals decide how to move forward through this pandemic, these data show what inpatient beds are available before policymakers consider ways to develop surge capacity."

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