OTP Guidance for Patients Quarantined at Home with the Coronavirus   [open pdf - 154KB]

From the Document: "1. Document that the patient is medically ordered to be under isolation or quarantine. When possible confirm source of information- e.g.: doctor's order, medical record. Ensure the documentation is maintained in the patient's OTP [opioid treatment program] record. 2. Identify a trustworthy, patient designated, uninfected 3rd party, i.e. family member, neighbor, to deliver the medications using the OTP's established chain of custody protocol for take home medication. This protocol should already be in place and in compliance with respective state and DEA [Drug Enforcement Administration] regulations. OTPs should obtain documentation now for each patient as to who is designated permission to pick up medication for them and maintain this process of determining a designee for any new patients. 3. If a trustworthy 3rd party is not available or unable to come to the OTP, then the OTP should prepare a 'doorstep' delivery of take home medications. Any medication taken out of the OTP must be in an approved lock box."

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