U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Expresses Concern Over Growing Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia Amid the COVID-19 Outbreak   [open pdf - 125KB]

From the Document: "The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, by majority vote, expresses grave concern over recent demonstrations of violence and hate toward people of Asian descent provoked by misplaced fear over the COVID-19 [novel coronavirus 2019] pandemic. As the nation's civil rights watchdog, the Commission has long recognized that xenophobia wears many faces. In recent weeks, we have seen those faces surface in the form of ignorance and misinformed assumptions, hateful remarks, and violent acts. In one case, a man riding a New York subway train sprayed a fellow passenger, an Asian American man, with air freshener while yelling at him to move away. In Washington, D.C., a woman was accosted by a fellow passenger on a Metro train, who told her 'Get out of here. Go back to China. I don't want none of your swine flu here.' A man riding a public bus in Boston, upon seeing a woman sneeze into her sleeve, began making comments about 'diseased Chinese people.'"

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