Considerations for Outpatient Mental and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Settings   [open pdf - 103KB]

From the Document: "Persons with Serious Mental Illness that are served in outpatient treatment settings may be at elevated risk for acquiring Covid-19 [coronavirus disease] and may have a more complicated course. This is because of increased comorbidity of chronic medical conditions as well as limitations in accessing preventive and ongoing primary care. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives some specific guidance for outpatient facilities during the Covid-19 emergency: [1] Reschedule non-urgent outpatient visits as necessary. [2] Consider reaching out to patients who may be a higher risk of COVID-19-related complications (e.g., elderly, those with medical co-morbidities, pregnant women and potentially other persons who are at higher risk for complications from respiratory diseases) to ensure adherence to current medications and therapeutic regimens, confirm they have sufficient medication refills, and provide instructions to notify their provider by phone if they become ill. [3] Eliminate patient penalties for cancellations and missed appointments related to respiratory illness."

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