Briefing With Senior State Department Officials On COVID-19: Updates on Health Impact and Assistance for American Citizens Abroad   [open pdf - 0B]

From Senior State Department Official One: "Good afternoon, everybody. [Senior State Department Official One] here. The COVID [coronavirus diease]-19 pandemic is an unprecedented global challenge, one that has affected a great number of Americans abroad. Here at the Department of State, we're rising to meet that challenge. We're working around the clock to bring U.S. citizens who are stranded overseas back home. Our consular officers posted overseas and our local - their local employee colleagues have been working night and day to help Americans get on flights. And, as [Moderator Two] just said, there's a 24-7 task force here in Washington supporting that effort. Though we stood up the task force last week, this was not our first effort to bring Americans home in response to this pandemic. We evacuated over 800 people from Wuhan and over 300 from the Diamond Princess in Japan. In date - in total to date, we have brought home more than 5,000 Americans from 17 countries, and we're bringing home thousands more in the coming days and weeks. This is truly an unprecedented effort to bring Americans from every region of the world in these rapidly changing conditions on the ground."

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