Framework for Isolation in Adults Over 50   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Executive Summary: "AARP Foundation is dedicated to serving vulnerable people aged 50+ by creating solutions that help them secure the essentials and achieve their best life. Isolation is one of the Foundation's key mission areas, along with Housing, Income, and Hunger (HIHI, combined). The Foundation's Isolation Impact Team engaged ResearchWorks in early 2012 to conduct the first phase of this endeavor, consisting of the due diligence and analysis that would result in a focused way to move forward in the isolation space with a cross-disciplinary framework and key recommendations. This report presents the results of the first phase of the AARP Foundation Isolation Framework Project by ResearchWorks. The following objectives were accomplished: [1] Establish a more thorough understanding of the current state of research related to isolation across multiple disciplines, including the major gaps in our understanding of isolation, with a special focus on research related to adults aged 50+. [2] Synthesize the literature, resulting in a unifying definition of isolation. [3] Delineate the various measures and indicators of isolation and risk for isolation. [4] Identify promising directions and needs for future research. [5] Inform future study of isolation within the 50+ population."

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