Community Pan-Flu Preparedness: A Checklist of Key Legal Issues for Healthcare Providers   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Introduction: "This publication will examine the key legal issues that arise in the context of pandemic influenza along the healthcare continuum, and address a broad range of issues faced by pre-hospital providers, physicians, other community health professionals, acute care facilities, and long term care facilities. This publication also will discuss the important relationship between healthcare providers and the public health authority during a pandemic. By identifying the key legal issues in checklist form, this new publication will provide a scalable tool to assist providers and the broader healthcare community to take concrete preparedness steps with respect to a pandemic, and thus translate 'preparedness on paper' into 'preparedness in practice.' [...] This checklist is organized around the traditional Incident Command System (ICS) structure, providing a scalable approach to emergency management that offers a model for the immediate (and hopefully short-term) ad hoc restructuring of an organization around functional, rather than administrative, lines to meet the demands of the emergency situation. ICS identifies key roles within an organization, including responsibilities for each role, and assigns individuals and resources to those roles based on their availability as needed during an emergency."

2008 American Health Lawyers Association
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Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services: https://www.ksbems.org/
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Public Interest Dialogue Session on Community Pan Flu Preparedness, Pandemic and H5N1 Flu: A Prescription for Preparedness. Washington D.C. May 2, 2008
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