From Biological Weapons to Miracle Drugs: Fake News About the Coronavirus Pandemic   [open pdf - 0B]

From the Document: "The coronavirus outbreak has been accompanied by rumors and fake news that aim to increase fear about the pandemic or to assign blame for its spread. The rumors are promoted by states with an interest in hiding their domestic situations or diverting attention from their handling of the issue, by ingenuous civilians, and by conspiracy theorists and the media, which repeat some of the lies. Over time there is a greater awareness of the dissemination of baseless or biased information, and a greater need to address the phenomenon. This occurs through the cooperation of international organizations, technology companies, and state institutions. Civil society and the traditional media are part of the effort, though it seems that they are the weak links in the chain. Consequently, increased public awareness and formal organization on this issue are needed in order to minimize the contamination of the discourse."

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INSS Insight No. 1275; Institute for National Security Studies Insight No. 1275
Institute for National Security Studies
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Listed on March 25, 2020 [Critical Releases]