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From the Website: "SSRN's [Social Science Research Network] Coronavirus and Infectious Disease Research page provides a curated view into the early-stage research to help researchers, public health authorities, clinicians and the public understand, contain and manage this disease. Rapidly evolving healthcare emergencies necessitate the quick dissemination of research. The growing role of early-stage research, often referred to as preprints, was acknowledged in the Ebola and Zika virus outbreaks as a way of 'accelerating the dissemination of scientific findings to support responses to infectious disease outbreaks'. SSRN, Elsevier's world-leading platform devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of early-stage research, is committed to making coronavirus-related research available immediately. Research on SSRN is free to download and upload. It is important to note that these papers have not benefited from the pivotal role of peer-review, which validates and improves the quality of final published journal articles."

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