Convenience Store and Fuel Retailer Emergency Preparedness: Resilience for the Last 50 Feet   [open pdf - 682KB]

From the Document: "Convenience stores and fuel retailers represent a critical component of the Nation's supply chain, providing necessary resources to communities across the Nation. Often referred to as the last 50 feet of the supply chain for fuel, food, water and financial services, convenience stores house 80 percent of the Nation's gasoline, 50 percent of its water, and operate 33 percent of its ATMs [automated teller machines]. Additionally, convenience stores and fuel retailers may have the only source of electricity (through on-site generators) during disaster incidents. They are a familiar presence in the community, and it is estimated that 165 million people shop at convenience stores or fuel retailers every day, generating approximately $601 billion in annual revenue. From an operations perspective, the situation is unique; 24/7 operations, diffused ownership, geographically at-risk locations, diversity of managers and employees, and low-margin businesses that, nonetheless, are the endpoint of the supply chain for food, fuel, water, and finance. Unfortunately, more often than not, they do not have procedures in place for when disasters take place."

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