Building Disaster Resiliency in the Public Sector by Leveraging Critical Healthcare Supply Chain Information   [open pdf - 248KB]

From the Document: "The nation's healthcare supply chain undergoes significant strain when there are disruptions to U.S. critical infrastructure. The supply chain depends upon private medical-surgical distributors who deliver supplies to 300,000 points-of-care, including hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. Due to limited suitable storage space in healthcare facilities, the needed health care products are usually sourced from local distribution centers,which typically make daily deliveries. As a result, any interruption of deliveries could cause significant shortages at these healthcare facilities. Currently, there is no mapping framework or formal method of communication that public agencies can use to identify where the nation's distribution centers are located and what supplies are available. This lack of information limits the ability of public and private partners to respond quickly to disasters by re-routing or prioritizing delivery of healthcare products."

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