Highlights of the Department of the Navy FY 2021 Budget   [open pdf - 55MB]

From the Document: "The Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) President's Budget submission (PB21) of $207.1B is an increase of $1.9B (0.9%) from the FY20 enacted budget (base+OCO), less $4.8B added by Congress in Natural Disaster funding we received in FY20. This budget supports irreversible implementation of the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and balances priorities in order to maximize naval power now and in the future. This budget achieves several major goals. First, PB21 recapitalizes the COLUMBIA strategic ballistic missile submarine, our nation's ultimate insurance policy and the Navy's highest priority. Next, this budget sustains our readiness recovery to deliver credible forces to win today's fight. Third, PB21 aggressively pursues increased lethality and targets those areas of modernization with the greatest potential to deliver non-linear warfighting advantages. This budget also prioritizes the development and delivery of Naval Expeditionary forces capable of imposing cost with distributed, lethal power that is sustainable. Finally, this budget delivers capable capacity within the constraints of our budget topline."

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