Guidance for Flood Risk Analysis and Mapping: Base Level Engineering (BLE) Analyses and Mapping   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Introduction: "Base Level Engineering (BLE) provides technically credible flood data for various geographies - community, county, watershed and/or state level. BLE data can be shared with Federal, State, local and tribal governments, this data sharing provides stakeholders at all levels the necessary data to make informed decisions to reduce future flood losses. Without the mapping of flood prone areas, there can be a lack of information to effectively communicate flood risk to community officials, citizens, and businesses. BLE is an automated riverine hydrologic and hydraulic modeling approach that builds on lessons learned to produce a base line understanding of flood risk to communities, produced to support the assessment and maintenance of the national flood hazard inventory. Engineering models are created during a Base Level Engineering assessment, producing information that meets the mapping Standards for Flood Risk Projects (FEMA Policy Memo FP 204-078-1) to produce Zone A (1-percent-annual-chance flood) information. BLE data is intended to represent the base level of investment needed for all flood study efforts FEMA will undertake."

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Guidance Document 99
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