FY2021 Defense Wide Review: Report to Congress   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Introduction: "This report provides an overview of the recently completed Defense-Wide Review (DWR), a major DoD initiative personally led by the Secretary of Defense, to improve alignment of time, money, and people to NDS [National Defense Strategy] priorities. In total, the Secretary of Defense, and/or the Deputy Secretary of Defense, hosted 21 review sessions examining $99 billion of appropriated resources across roughly 50 Defense-Wide (DW) organizations and activities. Similar to the 'Night Court' review process Secretary Esper led during his time as Secretary of the Army, the DWR was a comprehensive examination of DoD organizations outside of the military departments. However, unlike the Army Night Court, the DWR was not a full bottom-up review, as there was insufficient time for a more exhaustive examination to inform the FY 2021 President's Budget. As such, we will review these agencies more fully in 2020. These reforms required tough decisions. The impacted programs were not wasteful nor mismanaged, they were simply not NDS priorities, some with outdated missions or practices. The question was not 'Is this a good program?', but rather 'Is a dollar spent on this program or organization more important to our military capability than spending that same dollar on an NDS priority?'. This report summarizes for Congress, and the public, the DWR process, results, actions, and proposals."

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