National Drug Control Strategy (February 2020)   [open pdf - 663KB]

From the Document: "This 'Strategy' focuses on achieving one overarching strategic outcome: 'Building a stronger, healthier, drug-free society today and in the years to come by drastically reducing the number of Americans losing their lives to drug addiction in today's crisis, and preparing now to dominate the drug environment of the future. This will be done by preventing initiates to drug use, providing treatment services leading to long-term recovery for those suffering from addiction, and aggressively reducing the availability of illicit drugs in America's communities.' This 'Strategy' consists of three interconnected lines of effort designed to achieve the President's strategic outcome of building and fostering a stronger, healthier, and drug-free society: prevention; treatment and recovery; and reducing the availability of drugs in America. The single and most important criterion of success is saving American lives, and achieving that outcome requires the Federal government to work with partners at the State, local, and Tribal levels; the healthcare sector; industry; foreign partners; and every concerned American citizen to advance our Nation's efforts to promote and maintain healthy lifestyles, and help build and grow safe communities free from the scourge of drug use and addiction."

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