2019 Novel Coronavirus: Interim Health Guidance from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for Air Carriers and Crews   [open pdf - 99KB]

From the Purpose: "The United States has confirmed cases of individuals who have a contagious, respiratory illness caused by a novel (new) coronavirus ('2019-nCoV') first detected in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China. This virus has rapidly spread across China and Chinese health officials have reported thousands of infections with 2019-nCoV in China, with evidence of the virus spreading from person-to-person in many parts of that country. [...] The CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] are providing the following health guidance for: U.S.-based flight and cabin crewmembers while in China; U.S.- and third country-based flight and cabin crewmembers upon arriving to the United States within 14 days of travel to, from, or within China; China-based flight and cabin crewmembers while in the U.S.; U.S. air carriers housing flight and cabin crews while in China; and U.S. air carriers supervising self-monitoring of flight and cabin crews who have had layovers in China."

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