Basement Flooding and Foundation Damage from Water-Table Rise in the East New York Section of Brooklyn, Long Island, New York   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Abstract: "A rising water table has been causing basement flooding and damage to building foundations in the East New York section of Brooklyn, Kings County, Long Island, N.Y., since the early fall of 1975. The rising water table is the result of shutdown of public-supply wells that had pumped large amounts of water from the early 1900's to the ground-water reservoir. [...] Relief of the basement-flooding problem in East New York and vicinity is complicated by the fact that the New York City sewer system carries both untreated sewage and storm-water runoff into sewage-treatment plants that cannot process all the inflow during times of heavy precipitation. Pumped ground water discharged into sewers could, therefore, adversely affect operations at treatment plants. Other suggested remedial measures, such as onsite injection of pumped ground water into deep confined aquifers or discharging it through separate pipelines to tidewater, are complicated by the poor quality of the pumped water and by the sea-water intrusion that would be caused by prolonged pumping."

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Water-Resources Investigations 76-95
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