Cyber Defense Review Special Edition (2019)   [open pdf - 5MB]

This Special Edition of the Cyber Defense Review is based on the International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CYCON U.S.) held November 14 -15, 2018. The following articles are included: "Combining Recurrence Quantification Analysis and Adaptive Clustering to Detect DDoS [Distributed Denial of Service] Attacks" by Marcelo Antonio Righi and Raul Ceretta Nunes; "The Calculus of Protecting Interstate Competition from Cyberattack" by Vaughn H. Standley and Roxanne B. Everetts; "Critical Infrastructure Protection at the Local Level" by Colin Brooks; "Applied computational social choice theory as a framework for new cyber threats" by David M. Perlman; "Predicting enterprise cyber incidents using social network analysis on dark web hacker forums" by Soumajyoti Sarkar, Jana Shakarian, Mohammad Almukaynizi, and Paulo Shakarian; "Cyber Acquisition" by Thomas Klemas, Rebecca K. Lively, and Nazli Choucri; "United by Necessity: Conditions for Institutional Cooperation against Cybercrime" by Jobel Kyle P. Vecino; "Feed the Bears, Starve the Trolls" by Nina A. Kollars and Michael B. Petersen; "Beyond the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts" by John A. Davis and Charlie Lewis; "A Model for Evaluating Fake News" by Char Sample, Connie Justice, and Emily Darraj; "Strategic Cyber: Responding to Russian Online Information Warfare" by Matthew J. Flynn; "Fake News, (Dis)information, and the Principle of Nonintervention" by Annachiara Rotondo and Pierluigi Salvati; "Defense Support to the Private Sector" by Jason Healey and Erik B. Korn; "Borders in Cyberspace" by Michael Warner; and "Persistent Engagement, Agreed Competition, and Cyberspace Interaction Dynamics and Escalation" by Michael P. Fischerkeller and Richard J. Harknett.

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International Conference on Cyber Conflict (CYCON U.S.). Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, D.C. November 14-15, 2018
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