Urban Terrorism: The Siege of Marawi City   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "This thesis analyzed the new form of urban terrorism as displayed in the siege of Marawi City. It sought to analyze the factors in the operational environment that bred the expansion of urban terrorism in the Philippines. The case study method was used to draw out the results of the study. Crenshaw's Theories on Terrorism, Spectrum of lethality and complexity of Urban Armed Assault, Typology of Urban Terrorist Attack, and the System's Perspective using the PMESII-RAFT [Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure-Relationships, Actors, Functions and Tensions] model was used as a point of analysis. The results showed that there was a new form of terrorism that has bred out of the older forms of terrorism in the Philippines. The change in political ideology and organizational form is apparent as it evolved into an ISIS [Islamic State of Iraq and Syria] inspired ideology and leadership. Marawi City is vulnerable to urban terrorism when analyzed under the systems perspective using PMESII-RAFT model. These environmental factors influenced the rise of terrorism in the Philippines. Finally, the strategic assessment was done to draw out national and regional implications of urban terrorism was recommended for further study."

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