Strategic Context of the Arctic and Implications for the US Army   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "Effects of Arctic warming are projected to accelerate the rate at which Arctic sea ice melts, allowing the Arctic's natural resources and navigable sea lines of communications to be more accessible. The expected changes to the Arctic environment will impact the strategic interests of national stakeholders, as well as the US Arctic strategic policy. The strategic context of the Arctic is created through the fabric of relations between nations who reside along the boundaries of the Arctic Ocean, those near-Arctic nations with national interests, and the international organizations that provide a forum for discussion. Each actor's geostrategic goals, as published through individual Arctic strategies, contain three common themes: sovereignty, resource development, and maritime shipping. The United States, in comparison with other Arctic nations, has been dilatory in developing an Arctic Strategy and allocating resources. The US Army in particular should look to the other Arctic nations for unique sourcing solutions to combat the effects of an unpredictable environment on operational reach, infrastructure, and command and control."

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