Global Health and Security: Threats and Opportunities   [open html - 0B]

From the Document: "In this Perspective, the authors review the current scope and operations of global health security, identify emerging threats, and assess how adequately current visions of global health security account for these threats. Two main issues within global health security are identified: 'slow-burn' problems--whose long-term effects are underestimated, potentially causing them to receive insufficient attention until it is too late to reverse the damage--and emerging technologies that have beneficial uses but that also can be used as weapons. The authors of this Perspective propose that a broader definition of global health security should be considered--one that would extend well beyond the threats of pandemics and bioweapons of mass destruction. In addition, global health security requires greater systematic focus on the complex interlinkages among human physical and mental health, animal health, and the environment. Policymakers will face the challenge of balancing agility and rapid decisionmaking during times of crisis with a holistic scope that encompasses both imminent and future threats."

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