Losing a Loved One to Homicide: What We Know About Homicide Co-Victims Bibliography of Research and Practice Evidence, Bibliography   [open pdf - 396KB]

From the National Criminal Justice Reference Service Website: "Approximately 262 listings pertain to research evidence on homicide co-victimization. Some of the topics addressed in this section of the bibliography are ethnocultural aspects of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among African-Americans, the impact on homicide co-victims of interacting with the criminal justice system, homicide co-victims search for meaning in their victimization, the impact on co-victims of the death penalty for the offender, bereavement in the family of a homicide victim, and death thoughts and images in co-victims seeking treatment after a homicide. Approximately 262 of the bibliographic listings address the nature and effectiveness of various practices in addressing the needs of homicide co-victims. Some topics addressed in these listings are funeral planning that addresses co-victim needs, coping with stigmatized loss, the experience of homicide co-victims who oppose the death penalty, self-care while in grief, handling anger in the midst of grief, addressing myths about grief, and listening skills when working with homicide co-victims."

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