Identity Theft and Fraud Victimization: What We Know About Identity Theft and Fraud Victims, Bibliography of Research and Practice Evidence   [open pdf - 463KB]

From the National Criminal Justice Reference Service Website: "The 192 listings of reports on research related to identity theft and fraud focus on aspects of telemarketing fraud, the typology of 'phising' email victimization, the prevalence of consumer fraud in the United States, a profile of the victims of identity theft, risk factors for being a victim of mass-market consumer fraud, the non-traditional costs of financial fraud, the nature and prevalence of identity theft, and recommendations for a comprehensive identity theft victimization survey, and the impact of fraud on individual victims and their families. Approximately 200 listings focus on ways to counter identity theft and fraud, as well as address the needs of victims of such crimes. Topics addressed include ways to prosecute cases of elder financial exploitation, financial reforms that counter consumer and bank fraud. A survey of victims of identity theft, transnational scam predators and older adult victims, and medical identity theft."

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