Staff Ride Handbook for the Saratoga Campaign, 13 June to 8 November 1777   [open pdf - 7MB]

From the Introduction: "As a vehicle for the education of the military professional, the staff ride has long proven its efficacy. Analysis of a battle or a campaign through an examination of the actual terrain is a concept deeply rooted in military study. [...] Although similar to many, the 'Staff Ride Handbook for the Saratoga Campaign' differs from most staff ride handbooks. First, this is the first handbook that covers a Revolutionary War campaign. In addition, this Saratoga Campaign study is an 'operational-level' staff ride and thus a departure from the more common tactical staff rides conducted on most battlefields. Like Overland and Vicksburg, the Saratoga Campaign consisted of multiple engagements with complex unit movements covering considerable distances and an extended period of time. These factors create unique challenges and opportunities for both staff ride instructors and participants. [...] In summary, the Saratoga Campaign provides a magnificent example of commanders locked in a classic military struggle, giving testimony to the grim ordeal of war and the price paid by the common Soldier. Lessons learned from this complex struggle can provide an unmatched tool for educating the modern military professional."

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