Developing Understanding and Wielding Influence Through Expanded Maneuver - A Cognitive Dimension Approach   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "Developing understanding and wielding influence are an essential component of the value SOF [Special Operations Forces] provides the Nation. The SOF network of personnel, assets, and formations represent means by which to obtain early understanding of trends, emerging transregional threats, and opportunities. Employment of the SOF network also provides capabilities needed to shape and influence outcomes. In an era characterized by an increasing interconnected and complex environment highlighting the relevance of the population-centric aspects of competition and conflict, SOF must operate as part of a whole of government approach to mitigate our Nation's challenges in accordance with the 2017 National Security Strategy to upgrade, tailor and innovate the wielding of influence. Therefore, the Army and Joint Force writ large require an expanded concept of maneuver that considers both physical and cognitive dimension in and across multiple domains to move both force and ideas in time and space in pursuit of physical and cognitive objectives across the entire operational continuum, but particularly so in security environments below the threshold of Large Scale Combat Operations (LSCO) where state and non-state actors seek to gain an asymmetric advantage by operating in the seam between peace and war."

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