Equal Rights Amendment: Close to Adoption? [Updated November 13, 2019]   [open pdf - 682KB]

From the Document: "The recent election of Democratic majorities in both chambers of the Virginia legislature has prompted new discussion of the state ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution when it convenes in January. In 2018, efforts to ratify the amendment were narrowly defeated in the state House and Senate. First presented to the states in 1972, the ERA provides that '[e]quality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or any State on account of sex.' 37 states have now ratified the ERA, and some supporters of the amendment maintain that ratification by just one additional state could result in its adoption. After ratification by one more state, the ERA will have been ratified by three-fourths of the states, as required by Article V of the Constitution. Whether the ERA can be so adopted, however, is not entirely certain. Questions concerning the expiration of Congress's original ratification deadline without approval by three-fourths of the states, and the rescission of ratifications by five states between 1973 and 1978, would likely have to be addressed before the ERA would be formally adopted."

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