Personnel Security Training Program for Clinicians: Phase I   [open pdf - 347KB]

From the Abstract: "Prior DoD personnel security research identified interest in a cadre of personnel-security-trained clinicians (i.e., psychologists and psychiatrists) to consult on mental-health-related background investigation and adjudication issues (Senholzi et al., 2016; Shedler & Lang, 2015). The current initiative assessed this point further by (1) characterizing specific use of and need for clinicians under current mental health vetting procedures, (2) assessing current clinician workload to inform future resource needs, and (3) identifying preexisting personnel security training resources for potential clinician use. Findings confirmed that a cadre of readily accessible consulting clinicians can improve interactions with subjects' mental health providers, interpretation of mental health records, identification of psychological evaluators (particularly for contract employees), and receipt of psychological evaluations based on personnel-security-centric assessment. [...] Finally, three preexisting personnel security resources were identified to inform future clinician training program implementation efforts. These three resources are described further in this report along with various 'next step' recommendations to move this initiative toward an implementable training solution."

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PERSEREC-TR-18-13; Defense Personnel and Security Research Center Technical Report 18-13; OPA-2018-056; Office of People Analytics Report No. 2018-056
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