Radiation Safety: Questions about Food Safety: Questions about Medical Products   [open pdf - 49KB]

This U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) document addresses questions about radiation safety in relation to food safety and medical products. Questions answered include: "What is FDA doing to assess the situation in Japan?" "What systems does FDA have in place to protect the U.S. food supply?" "What products come to the U.S. from Japan?" "Are there dairy products that come from Japan?" "Are there food harvesting (fields, fisheries) or processing facilities in the area of the Fukushima nuclear reactor?" "Is there any reason for concern about radiation from these products when they are imported into the U.S.?" "What are the current procedures for measuring radiation contamination in food and how will these change?" "How will FDA ensure consumers' safety?" "Will FDA issue an import bulletin and what sort of techniques will FDA use to measure radiation in food?" "Is FDA looking at products that might have traveled through Japan at the time of the explosion?" "How will the radiation affect fish and seafood that have not yet been fished or harvested?" "What are the chances of radiation affecting growing areas in the US?" "What action will FDA take to ensure the safety of consumers of those products?" Questions about medical products include: "Hypothetically, if they were needed, what are the FDA-approved products for radiation exposure?" "Is potassium iodide the only medication available for radiation exposure?" "We have heard that potassium iodide is in short supply, is that correct?" "Does FDA recommend that consumers purchase potassium iodide as a protective step?" "With exports from Japan disrupted, is there any possibility that some medical products could be in short supply?" "If I see web sites advertising potassium iodide or alternative cures, should I buy the products?"

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