Turning the Eagle's Head: Polish Nationhood and the Global War on Terror   [open pdf - 881KB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "This work explores the response to the global war on terror during the last decade in the nation of Poland. Specifically, it examines how visions of the country's nationhood have been used by the leaders of the country's dominant political party, Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, or PiS), in conjunction with real or imagined terrorist events to gain power and further its political agenda. This effort is examined in the context of one particular element of Polish nationhood, Sarmatism, which formed in the 1600s and reemerged in the first decade of the 2000s as a potent cultural force. Basing its view of modern terrorism through a Sarmatian lens and responding with Sarmatian rhetoric has proved particularly useful to PiS; not only did it gain power during this decade, but it remains the dominant political force in the country. This ascendance of PiS has transformed both terrorist and non-terrorist events into perceived existential threats to the country, threats that the party has exploited for electoral success. But this success has also transformed Poland's position in its two most important international alliances, the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. As a result, any effective foreign policy responses directed at Poland must account for the Sarmatian values embedded in its nationhood and manipulated by PiS in the political arena."

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