Level the Playing Field: Are Law Enforcement Policies and Practices Rigged Against Women and Mothers?   [open pdf - 1MB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "Over 109 years after the United States swore in its first female officer, women still constitute only 13.3 percent of law enforcement personnel. Women have always been, and continue to be, a minority in law enforcement careers. The numbers are disproportionate because female officers face challenges that negatively affect gender equality in law enforcement career paths. These challenges involve law enforcement culture, gender perception, gender role expectations, balancing motherhood, and a disparity in promotion opportunities. This thesis set out to answer the following question: How can law enforcement agencies modernize human resources policies and practices to improve the career paths of women in law enforcement, in an effort to ensure retention? This research demonstrated that female officers leave their law enforcement careers prematurely for reasons associated with policies and practices in their agencies. Law enforcement culture and the discriminatory manifestations of those within the sector discourage longevity for the female officer. Gender perception and gender role expectations continue to exhibit the historical masculine traditions that do not embrace the benefits of having the female officer on the force. Additionally, the issues surrounding current policies or the lack thereof that would allow equality in career assignments continue to stifle the law enforcement career progression of women."

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