Guided Search: Exploring Technological Solutions for Interior Navigation in the Structural Fire Environment   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "The structural fire environment is hazardous and challenging to firefighters who are operating in unknown locations with zero visibility. Many firefighters lose spatial awareness and get lost, leading to inefficient operations as well as deaths and injuries. This research was designed to reveal which technology has the highest potential to provide interior navigation for firefighters in such an environment. This thesis used the exploratory research method to identify and appraise existing indoor navigation technology. The mission model canvas was applied to determine the business potential of each alternative and identified one potential solution to the problem that is a good market fit and has a high chance of adoption. Spectral image fusion technology augments spatial awareness and will help firefighters perform more efficiently. However, this technology will not provide navigation, so it is an incremental enhancement to the existing thermal image capability. Terrestrial transmitters are likely to have high adoption rates, appear able to achieve the mission, and are a viable solution. This thesis recommends that the fire service continue to push for more evaluation and testing of terrestrial transmitters. Fire service leaders should work with and encourage vendors to set up trials to develop additional interior navigation solutions that can be implemented."

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