Convergence, Guns, and the Public Safety Response   [open pdf - 787KB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "Natural and man-made disasters have altered the public safety paradigm by contributing to an increase in firearms sales, gun-carrying by the public, and a general relaxation of the rules of engagement in which citizens may employ deadly force. These conditions have made the landscape in which police, fire, and emergency services work potentially more dangerous. This thesis addresses how public safety agencies should evaluate and respond tactically, operationally, and strategically to the changing landscape caused by crisis events. It begins with an examination of two such crisis events, Hurricane Katrina and Sandy Hook, focusing on the gun-related outcomes of these events. The thesis then presents two hypothetical scenarios that incorporate these gun-related outcomes to contextualize them for public safety officers. The thesis then offers prescriptive recommendations for public safety agencies to manage disaster convergence of armed citizens, interact with schools where armed staff members are present, and build positive relationships with the gun-owning community. Finally, it concludes that interacting with armed citizens is a trend that will likely continue and that the best course of action is to plan for these challenges in advance of crisis events."

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