Building the Case for a Prison Mass-Casualty Planning Framework   [open pdf - 2MB]

From the Thesis Abstract: "The corrections enterprise is wholly unprepared for mass casualty incidents (MCI). Prisons regularly experience incidents involving inmate violence; these events can quickly escalate into an MCI that overwhelms the prison's ability to respond and overload local medical systems. Despite numerous prison-related disasters, the corrections enterprise remains disengaged from national emergency preparedness efforts. Further complicating the issue is the lack of corrections-specific emergency management doctrine to guide prison emergency planners toward achieving national preparedness goals. This thesis asks, 'How can a framework be developed that will improve prison mass-casualty planning and response?' The first part of the research involves a gap analysis comparing the prescribed performance outcomes found in emergency management doctrine and MCI planning guides to the actual performance outcomes from several MCI events. In the second part, a panel of correctional and emergency management experts participated in a modified Delphi process to validate the results of the gap analysis using a discussion-based wargaming exercise. The research found that it is possible to create an accurate depiction of the problem space by reframing gap analysis data in the context of the prison operational environment. The resulting MCI framework recommends a series of corrections-specific planning actions, backed by doctrine, which is scalable and applicable to any prison or correctional facility."

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