Report of the Reserve Forces Policy Board on Department of Defense Cyber Approach: Use of the National Guard and Reserve in the Cyber Mission Force   [open pdf - 6MB]

From the Document: "On June 5, 2013, in response to the growing national dependence on computer network technologies and increasing threats to our national security emanating from the cyber domain, the Reserve Forces Policy Board [RFPB] established a Task Group to examine the Department's current path in developing its organizations, policies, doctrine and practices for conducting defensive and offensive cyber operations. The Task Group was further directed to comment on force mix between active, reserve, and civilian personnel and Reserve Component [RC] organizations needed to meet the DoD strategy. The RFPB met on June 4, 20 14 and voted to make four recommendations. The recommendations are listed below with each expanded upon in the attached report: Recommendation #1- Include Reserve Components in Cyber Mission Force requirements in order to leverage RC reduced cost, civilian/AC [Active Component] acquired skill/experience, continuity and longevity. Recommendation #2- As part of a Total Force solution, re-evaluate the composition, size and force mix of the planned Cyber Mission Force by FY 2017, and refine as needed based on changing threats, team effectiveness, capability, required capacity and cost. Recommendation #3 - The Department of Defense should study, and then assign executive responsibility to a single Service for the full range of joint cyber training. Recommendation #4- Recruit highly skilled members via a professional accessions and retention program to fill both AC and RC requirements within the Cyber Mission Force."

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