Strategic Plan FY 1998 Through FY 2007, with Operational Objectives Through FY 2002: Partnership for a Safer Future   [open pdf - 149KB]

From the Foreword: "In the period covered by this Plan, we will identify four communities in high-risk areas that are committed to protecting their citizens, businesses, and infrastructure from disasters. Each community will address the hazard to which it is most vulnerable: flood, earthquake, hurricane, or fire. The experiences of these communities will enable us to begin the development of transferable models of disaster-resistant communities to the rest of the country. Other steps leading to the creation of disaster-resistant communities include (1) overhauling FEMA's public assistance process to reduce red tape and time, (2) establishing a Federal pre-disaster mitigation fund, and (3) continuing to establish and strengthen the public-private partnership for emergency management. This strategic plan includes revisions to FEMA's 1994 strategic plan. [...] This Plan also includes specific 5-year operational objectives for each major strategy employed to achieve each strategic goal."

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