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In this issue of "Studies in Intelligence," articles include: "On the Trail of a Fourth Soviet Spy at Los Alamos" by Harvey Klehr and John Earl Haynes; "The Use and Abuse of Intelligence in the Public Square" by Michael Warner; "The Dixie Mission 1944: The First US Intelligence Encounter with the Chinese Communists" by Bob Bergin; and "Reflections on a Life of Covering the World of Intelligence and National Security" by Peter Usowski and Fran Moore. Furthermore, this issue contains several reviews of 'Intelligence in Public Media' publications including: "The Fighters: Americans in Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq" by Brent Geary; "War and Chance: Assessing Uncertainty in International Politics" by Charles Heard; "Strategic Warning Intelligence: History, Challenges, and Prospects" by Ryan Shaffer; "The Great Successor: The Divinely Perfect Destiny of Brilliant Comrade Kim Jong Un" and "Le monde selon Kim Jong-un: Guerre ou paix? [The World According to Kim Jong-un: War or Peace?]" by Stephen C. Mercado; "Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland" by Joseph Gartin; "Surprise, Kill, Vanish. The Secret History of CIA Paramilitary Armies, Operators and Assassins" by J. R. Seeger; and "Cover Name: Dr. Rantzau" by Ryan Shaffer. This edition also includes a section on the "Intelligence Officer's Bookshelf" reviewed by Hayden Peake.

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