Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations in the India-Pacific Command Area of Responsibility   [open pdf - 904KB]

From the Master's Thesis Abstract: "The evolution of Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD) capabilities has brought an end to the era of persistent multi-domain superiority for the United States and its coalition partners. Improved long-range precision fires, maritime assets, and other comparable adversary military capabilities will require US forces to fight to attain access to a given Area of Operations (AO) and conduct a campaign within it. The India-Pacific Command (INDOPACOM) Area of Responsibility (AOR) is one region where A2/AD challenges are most prevalent. The deployment of capabilities by China and Russia represent significant obstacles to the conduct of military operations within the theater. Despite the established challenges, a capability is emerging that will enable the Joint Force to overcome the A2/AD strategies and achieve desired objectives. Expeditionary Advanced Base (EAB) operations will provide the means to penetrate enemy defenses and conduct operations within a designated AO. Should a conflict arise with China, Russia, or another adversary on the Asian continent, EAB operations will be essential to support the execution of the approach to the campaign. As the premier amphibious and expeditionary force for the United States, the Marine Corps will serve as the foundation for the conduct of EAB operations. Understanding the considerations associated with the planning and execution of EAB operations is critical to ensure they are successfully integrated into the conduct of future joint force operations in the INDOPACOM AOR."

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