Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower: The Second Report to Congress January 2017   [open pdf - 4MB]

From the Executive Summary: "The 'Effects of Climate Change on Federal Hydropower: The Second Report to Congress,' as directed by Section 9505 of the SECURE Water Act (SWA) of 2009, is the second quinquennial report summarizing the potential effects of climate change on water available for hydropower generation at 132 U.S. federal hydropower plants and on the marketing of that power. [...] The intent of this study was to evaluate the large-scale climate change effects on all federal hydropower plants within 18 PMA [Power Marketing Administration] study areas on annual and seasonal time scales, enabling policymakers to evaluate potential climate change impacts across the entire federal hydropower fleet. [...] Modeling projections of several hydrometeorological variables helped explain: (1) how fleet-wide hydropower may change in the future and (2) the impact on marketing Federal hydropower. The most important climate change effects impacting future hydropower generation are likely to be earlier snowmelt, change of runoff seasonality, and increasing frequency of extreme high- and low- runoff events."

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