'Radar Contact!' The Beginnings of Army Air Forces Radar and Fighter Control   [open pdf - 3MB]

From the Preface: "When and how was radar first developed? When was it first employed to direct fighters against approaching enemy aircraft? These two questions began the research that serves as the foundation for this book. After being selected for an AFHRA [Air Force Historical Research Agency] research grant in 1990, three years were spent attempting to answer those two primary questions using AFHRA's impressive historical archives collocated with the Fairchild Research Information Center at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama. The AFHRA staff have a tremendous amount of information for, and patience with, those new to the world of archival research. To put this book in its proper context, this is a story that takes place within an Army environment before the beginning of the US Air Force. As the history of radar's research and development unfolds, we will see the Army Signal Corps urgently attempting to develop cutting-edge radar technology. Moreover, as the air defense mission grows, we will see the Army Air Corps struggling to define its new roles and effectively organize itself."

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