Pandemic Influenza Plan -- Mass Fatality Management   [open pdf - 0B]

From the General Considerations: "In the event of influenza pandemic, local jurisdictions may have to be prepared to handle a rapidly escalating increase in the number of fatalities. The total number of fatalities (including influenza and all other causes) occurring within any local jurisdiction during a severe six to eight week pandemic wave may be as high as that which typically occurs over six months in the interpandemic period. Due to the prolonged time frame and the scope of area affected by a severe pandemic event, it is likely that regional, state, and federal resources will be limited in their ability to provide assistance. Therefore, it is the intent of this plan to not only outline issues, processes and actions to be taken at the state level within the DHSS [Department of Health and Senior Services] and the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), but also to provide information and action steps, specific to a moderate to severe pandemic event, that local jurisdiction representatives like coroners/medical examiners, LPHAs [local public health agencies], hospitals, funeral directors, elected officials and religious representatives can utilize to assist them in local planning efforts to prepare for such a situation."

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
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