How the U.S. Department of Transportation is Protecting the Connected Transportation System from Cyber Threats   [open pdf - 570KB]

From the Document: "The last few decades have witnessed the pervasive spread of computers, the Internet, and wireless technology. As these systems have become integral to our daily lives, so too has the potential for attacks to those systems. Cyber security has risen out of necessity to protect these vital systems and the information contained within them. In particular, transportation is becoming more connected and dependent on advanced computing systems and software. Exciting next-generation communications technology--such as connected vehicles that exchange information in real time with nearby vehicles and infrastructure to make travel safer, cleaner, and more efficient-- will soon be deployed on nation's roads and highways. In exploring the potential of connected vehicles and other advanced technologies, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) understands that cyber security has an even more important role--systems, devices, components, and communications must be protected from malicious attacks, unauthorized access, damage, or anything else that might interfere with safety functions. USDOT takes cyber security very seriously. The Department is committed to ensuring the security and privacy of our connected transportation system."

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